Advanced Cellos

All cellos listed here are price $6000.00 or higher and are suitable for the advanced player.  They have superior tone, playability, and craftsmanship.

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Images of a 2007 William Hu & Snow full size Chinese cello. Images show the front, back, scrolls, and label of this cello. The cello is fully carved and has lovely wood on the front and back. Images of the a German cello made by the Heinrich Gill factory. The cello is model #394, made in 2010. The cello is in excellent condition and is a top of the line instrument.
Chinese 4/4 2007 William Hu & Snow JHS CelloGerman 4/4 2010 Heinrich Gill Model #394 Cello

Chinese 4/4 cello made by William Hu & Snow in 2007.  Cello is new from workshop.

German 4/4 cello made by Heinrich Gill in 2010.  Cello is model #394 and serial no 3091.   Cello is new from the factory and is in perfect condition; no production blemishes or faults.



1 - 2 of 2 items

Not all of advanced cellos are listed on this site.  Please contact us if you are curious about the rest of our inventory or are interested in any of the following:

  • West Coast Strings Helier Copy 2003, Chinese, $18000
  • S. I. R., German $9000