Bobelock Featherlite Velvet Interior Violin Case
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This attractive full size violin case for sale is made by Bobelock and has all standard Bobelock quality features.  This brand new Featherlite Violin Case is oblong in shape and has a black canvas bag covering.  It is made of plywood and styrofoam and thus weighs only 5.5lbs, making it less tiring to carry than the standard wooden case.  The interior of this case is a lovely velvet material and comes in green, blue, and wine colors.  The case is complete with air suspension pads so that the violin does not rest on the case, as well as a hygrometer, four bow holders, a subway strap, a shoulder strap and an end pocket above the scroll space. 

For $249.00, this case would be an excellent choice for a player who travels moderately with the violin and wants a fine, light weight case.

  • Item #: BVV
  • Manufacturer: Bobelock
  • Condition: New

Bobelock Featherlite Velvet Interior Violin Case

Price: $249.00
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