Bohemian 4/4 1900 Rocman Tucker Violin
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This very attractive full size violin for sale was made in the Rocman Tucker shop in Bohemia around 1900This Tucker Violin has a very attractive one piece back with a tight curl and fine flame.  The varnish on this violin is a lovely golden brown; it has been well applied across the violin.  It has a few varnish discolorations in keeping with age and use, but these do not affect the sound or value of the violin.  It has no other damage.  This Tucker violin has a fuller and richer sound than many Bohemian violins; it is lovely to the ear. 

For $2200.00, this Rocman Tucker violin will make a very fine violin for an advancing violinist.

  • One Piece Back:
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  • Condition: Used

Bohemian 4/4 1900 Rocman Tucker Violin

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