Chinese 4/4 2013 Unlabeled Fancy Maggini Copy Violin
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This full size Chinese violin is fancy and fun, indeed!  It was made in China in 2013, although it does not have a label.  It is a Paolo Maggini copy and it has an extra fancy double purfling design on the back.  This Maggini Copy Violin is a very nice entry-level violin.  It has a nicely flamed one-piece back as well as a nice tight grain on the top.  It is well carved throughout and has a nice golden-orange spirit varnish.  This instrument has a sweet sound; it is not particularly bold.  It rings quite well for a violin in this price range.  This violin is new, and it is has no blemishes from the factory. 

Priced at $1045.00, this Maggini copy violin will be a wonderful instrument for an aspiring and practicing violinist.

  • Item #: MCC
  • Condition: New

Chinese 4/4 2013 Unlabeled Fancy Maggini Copy Violin

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