Czech 4/4 1937 Jan Kriml Strad Copy Violin
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This sturdy full size Strad Copy violin for sale was made in a workshop in Czechoslovakia in 1937It is a Jan Kriml workshop instrument, though it is older and nicer than most Kriml's.  Targ and Dinner imported Krimls through the 50's, although once the Cold War began, the imports became cheaper, German violins.  This Czech Kriml Violin is well made with fine wood and good construction.  The back is highly flamed and the orange varnish is applied nicely.  The sound is somewhat Bohemian; it is not very bright, but it rings nicely.  There are no significant repairs to this instrument; it has been kept in good shape. 

For $2500.00, an advancing student would enjoy playing this Kriml violin.

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Czech 4/4 1937 Jan Kriml Strad Copy Violin

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