Images of an 16 inch Otto Ernst Fischer viola. The label image indicates that the viola was made in 1991 in Germany. The images show that the viola is in good condition with no major repairs.
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This nice 16 inch viola was made in a German factory under the trade name Otto Ernst Fischer.  This is an older Fischer viola, as it was made in 1991. This 16" Fischer Viola was well made and remains in good condition; it has no history of repairs and no blemishes.  This viola has a bold sound and projects well, even for a player who needs encouragement to play out.  This Fischer makes it pleasant to listen to a variety of music; this is a top notch entry-level instrument. 

Priced at $1075.00, this viola would improve the sound of an aspiring and advancing violist.

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  • Condition: Used

German 16" 1991 Otto Ernst Fischer Viola

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