Images of the 16 inch "Rappoldi" viola, made in Germany and imported into the U.S.A. by William Lewis & Son in 1994. The images show the front, back, scroll, and label of this nice, intermediate level viola.
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This good intermediate level 16 inch viola for sale was made in a German shop for the Chicago based William Lewis and Son company.  It was made in 1994 and labeled "Rappoldi".  The 16" Rappoldi Viola has a good reputation for being an upgraded instrument; it has improved wood and craftsmanship over an entry-level student viola.  This particular Rappoldi is in excellent condition; despite it's use, there are no signs of wear or repairs to this viola.  The instrument's big and deep tone is easy to pull from the strings. 

Priced at $1700.00, an advancing violist would be well served by playing on this viola.

  • Item #: DFD
  • Condition: Used

German 16" 1994 William Lewis & Son Rappoldi Viola

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