German 4/4 1907 Josef Metzner Violin
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This attractive full size violin for sale was made in Markneukirchen, GERMANY in 1907The violin was handmade in the Josef Metzner factory, making it a very high end factory instrument.  The violin has a lovely one-piece back with medium flame and a fancy rosewood setup.  Unfortunately, this Metzner Violin has suffered from a lack of care over its life, and has had multiple repaired cracks, including a crack that runs over the sound post.  The sound post crack did not go all the way through the top, and thus the violin is very secure and the sound has not been damaged.  The tone is rich and ringing without being overly bright. 

Priced at $2200.00, this violin would make a good choice for a student looking for the reputation and quality of a Metzner at a discounted price.

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German 4/4 1907 Josef Metzner Violin

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