German 4/4 1915 W.A.P. Guarneri Copy Violin
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This attractive full size violin for sale was made in Germany c 1915The violin is labeled as a W.A.P. violin and it is a Guarneri copy.  This WAP Violin is a lovely instrument; it has a nicely flamed one piece back, a tight grain top spruce, and nicely pointed corners.  The fittings are of rosewood and nicely set off the violin's orange spirit varnish.  The tone is quite nice and full and bright; it is ringing and bold over the range of notes. This violin has two small shrinkage cracks on the top that run near either side of the saddle, but these are minor repairs only. 

At $2200.00, this nice violin would be an excellent instrument for an advancing violinist.

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  • Condition: Used

German 4/4 1915 W.A.P. Guarneri Copy Violin

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