German 4/4 2000 *Dörfler* Silver Mounted Crest Violin Bow
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This full size violin bow for sale was made c 2000 by the Dörfler Bow Company in Bubenreuth, GERMANY.  It is stamped *Dörfler* above the frog, making it a one-star bow, and it has the crest stamped into the frog.  It does not correlate exactly to a presently produced bow.  This bow is silver mounted and is a nicely made bow.  Its round pernambuco stick is straight and strong; it is barely used and shows few signs of wear.  The Dörfler Violin Bow handles well and plays a variety of strokes easily. 

Priced at $950.00, this bow would be a good option for an advancing violinist.

  • Item #: DWC
  • Condition: Used

German 4/4 2000 *Dörfler* Silver Mounted Crest Violin Bow

Price: $950.00
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