Images of a 2006 16 inch viola made by the Romania Matthias Thoma workshop. Viola is new and images of the front, back, and scroll show solid construction.
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This 16 inch viola for sale was produced by the Mathias Thoma workshop, a Romanian company.  This 16" Thoma Viola was nicely made in 2006 with very solid construction.  It has an attractive reddish color varnish.  The tone of this viola is typical of eastern European instruments; the sound is on the brighter side, while still full and projecting well.  The viola is new from Romania and has no factory flaws. 

Priced at $975.00, the Thoma viola would make a nice choice for an aspiring violist.

  • Item #: BCJ
  • Condition: New

Romanian 16" 2006 Mathias Thoma Workshop Viola

Price: $975.00
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