Images of a 16 inch viola labeled C. Meisel and made around 1970. The images show a nice yellow varnish and the viola has a good tone.
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This 16 inch viola for sale was made around 1970 in Klingenthal, West Germany by the Curt (Kurt) Meisel factory; the viola is labeled "C Meisel".  It has been previously used but was well taken care of as it has no history of repairs.  This viola has many West German characteristics; it is nicely carved, it has good wood, and it has a decent yellow varnish.  This 16" Meisel Viola has a nice bold sound that projects well, making this viola a high-end student viola. 

Priced at $1175.00, it would be a good choice for an aspiring and advancing violist who is looking for increased confidence and projection while playing.

  • Item #: MEI
  • Condition: Used

West German 16" 1970 Kurt (Curt) Meisel Viola

Price: $1,175.00
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